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Create memorable impressions that stand out.

Set your business apart from its competition. Take your first step to building an emotional connection between your business and its consumers.

First Impression
  • Unlimited Logo design

Memorable Impression
  • Unlimited Logo design

  • Company Values Statement

  • Mission & Vision Statements

  • Brand Story

Lasting Impression
  • Unlimited Logo design

  • Company Values Statement

  • Mission & Vision Statements

  • Brand Story

  • Proposal Presentation/Pitch Deck Copy

  • Brand Positioning Statement

  • Brand Development Strategy

  • Audience Personas

Need something more specific?

Our scopes of branding has been further explained

Unlimited Logo design

Logos will be delivered in batches of 3 designs per week. We would deliver our best works first, and must ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your logo before we move to the next stage of the project.

Company Values Statement

A written copy that describes your brand’s values and why it exists.




Mission & Vision Statements

A written copy that would describe your brand’s long term and short terms goals.




Brand Story

A written copy that would explain why your brand exists.





Proposal Presentation/Pitch Deck Copy

Very well-designed proposals and presentations to be delivered in ppx formats.

Brand Positioning Statement

A written copy that describes what makes your brand different from it’s competitors and why it should be trusted.

Brand Development Strategy

A written copy that would guide your team and staff on how to work together to develop the brand into greater heights.

Audience Personas

A deep research on your brand’s target audience and its customers. The findings in this research would enable you know how to identify who your customers are in order to win in sales.

Photos and Videos development ideas

We will share tips, examples, and materials you'll need to effectively photograph, package and market your products in a way that makes your visitors and prospects want to buy.


Design a sales funnel

A document that would describe the steps you will take on the way to making a stranger become your customer. The key goal of this sales funnel is to move people through the different stages of the sales process until they are ready to buy your products or services.

Analytics set up

Setting up of tracking and measuring tools on your website (if any) to identify the key performing areas of your business. With this tool, you would be able to figure out how your customers use your website in order for you to make necessary adjustments

Create personalized conversions page

We would create a landing page that would allow you to capture a visitor's information through a lead-capture form (a conversion form). This conversion form is usually the first stage of your sales funnel.

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