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First Impression


You are one step closer to doing the right thing

We will give your customers a fantastic first impression with the creation of a modern logo design.

You as our client will not be limited to the number of logos you can choose from.

We are ready to get you started with the ideal package to give your brand an identity of a lifetime.
Simply start by filling the form below and make the necessary payments, we will then follow up with a questionnaire that would serve as a brief for commencement of service.

Please note: All of our plans immediately commence upon receipt of full payment

If you are unsure of and would like to review your choice of package. Go back to our pricing

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    Workflow & Milestones

    Understanding & On-boarding

    Nobody knows the brand like you, we would share a template brief that we would fill in and send back to us. This brief would enable us understand your business and your vision. Also, because a brand is usually an extension of founders’ personality, we recommend that you communicate back with us by using the exact tone of voice as you would encourage for your brand. This would help us even better understand your company’s needs and validate your brand essence.

    Visual Identity & Guidelines

    This is key to work a logo in context, not as an isolated asset in your brand. We will provide you with brand sketch options of which you would follow us to begin identifying what type of look to go for, be it a text logo design, mascot logo design, vintage logo or any other form of concept you may prefer. Your brand will also be documented in a guideline on how to use and ways to use them across various boards and platforms.

    Submission and Revision

    Our work will not be completed until you are 100% satisfied with the job. We will continue to revise and modify wherever needed because we believe as much as perfection doesn’t exist, we can yet be close to it.

    Get in touch with us to understand why we don’t believe in perfection.

    Ready To Brand Your Business?